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ZTE launches Axon M Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone

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ZTE launches Axon M Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone:

This article is based on a Amazing news. On October “ZTE launches Axon M Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone”. We have come across teasers. Reports and rumors also over years. That have shown companies inching closer to launching fold-able smartphones. But there hasn’t been much luck so far. This may change soon. If a new leak is to be believed. ZTE is rumored to launch its Axon M smartphone. Codenamed Axon Multy, on October 17. Which could be the first true dual-screen fold-able smartphone.

(ZTE launches Axon M Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone). Android Authority has shared a live image. That is claimed to show the Axon M in its full glory. The smartphone can be seen featuring a hinge-like setup. On the part that attaches the secondary display. The report says it shows dual full-HD display. Which folds into a 6.8-inch display. With a screen resolution of 1920×2160 pixels. ZTE has already confirmed an event on October 17 in New York. Which may mean that the smartphone will be available. In the US firstly, not unusual with its global Axon series.

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Comparison with other compinies:

Unfortunately, there’s no word on the specifications or pricing as of now. But we can expect the handset to be priced in premium segment. It is also likely to sport top-notch innards. The report adds that the smartphone will function. As a regular smartphone, once folded. It also claims that the dual screens could mean. That the ZTE Axon M will be able to run two apps simultaneously. On different screens offering a PC-like experience. If it turns out to be true.

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Then the ZTE Axon M could be very great seen as a direct competition. To the likes of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & LG V30. All of which have been already announced. The new ZTE Axon M could also open a new frontier. For modern-day smartphones featuring two displays. Samsung is also widely to launch. Its Galaxy X foldable smartphone soon.

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