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The Best Way To Charge a Mobile Phones

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The Best Way To Charge a Mobile Phones:

This is a fruitful article for all Mobile users. About The Best Way To Charge a Mobile Phones. We all know that our smartphone batteries are bad. As they hardly last a day. But it is partially our fault. Because we are charging them the wrong way whole time. Most of us (including myself) have a belief. That charging our smartphones in small bursts will result in some long-term damage. To their batteries & that it is better. To charge the mobile when they are below 5%. But we just couldn’t be more wrong.

“The Best Way To Charge a Mobile Phones”. As a matter of fact a site from battery company Cadex named Battery University. Shows how the lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones are very sensitive. To their own versions of ‘stress’. And, like us humans, extended stress could damage our smartphone battery’s lifespan. If you want to keep your mobile battery in top condition. And get  a full day of charge without  worrying. Then you have to change a few things.

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Do not keep it plugged in when it’s fully charged:

According to the Battery University, leaving your phone plugged in. When it is fully charged just like we might overnight. Is very bad for the battery in long run. Once your phone reached 100 percent charge.It will get ‘trickle charges’ to keep itself  at 100 percent. While it is plugged in. This keeps the battery in a very high-stress. And high-tension state, this wears down the chemistry within it.

The Battery University gives a bunch of scientific detail and explanation to this. But it sums it up nicely. “When your phone fully charged then pull out the battery” from your charging device. “This is just like relaxing the muscles after exercise”. You would be in a pretty miserable state. If you worked out nonstop for hours & hours.

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Plug in your phone whenever you can:

If you can do this the batteries in our smartphones are much better. If we charge them occasionally. Throughout the day instead of just plugging them in. For a large charging session when they are empty. Charging our phone when it loses a 10 percent of charge. Would be the best case scenario. According to the Battery University.

So, it is nice to plug in & plug out multiple time in a day. This keeps your smartphone battery to perform optimally for longer time. And it also keeps it topped up throughout the day.

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