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Some Popular Programming languages of 2017

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Some Popular Programming languages of 2017:

This article is About Some Popular Programming languages of 2017. A simple Google Search will land you. With hundreds of programming languages in existence. DO the search of the most popular programming languages. You will come up with a confusing list. Hence we have done the work to see.

What is the best programming language as of the career perspective. So now we will continue with. Some Popular Programming languages of 2017. Here we will describe some most popular & most Demanding Languages. Here are some information about Languages. That Programmers have use.

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#1 SQL:

The number of Indeed job description including SQL (Structured Query Language). Increased by nearly 50,000 this year over last year. Giving SQL a dramatic lead over the other language. It’s unclear if this is entirely due to more SQL jobs. In the market or a change in how Indeed work. Either way, SQL is still the clear leader in our analysis. SQL is used to communicate with & manipulate database. It is extremely common, with many variations. Like MySQL & Microsoft SQL. Microsoft released SQL Server 2016 in the past year. Which proved to be surprisingly popular & introduced several new features. To make the languages more open-source like integrations with R. The popular data analysis programming language, and a Linux versions.

#2 Java:

The number of Java positions available on Indeed went up. By almost 30,000 in 2017 compared to 2016, possibly. Because of continuing Android growth. Java is a simple, readable programming language. Used by millions of developers & billions of android devices worldwide. All endemic Android app are built in Java. And 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java. As a server-side language for back end developments. User have been getting excited about the upcoming Java 9 launch in July 2017. Although Java Enterprise Edition declined in popularity in 2016.

 #3 Python, (Some Popular Programming languages of 2017):

Python continued to grow in popularity in 2016. And moved up 2 place in our ranking to be the 3rd-most common language by job posting. Python is a general purpose programming language. That emphasizes code readability & increasing developer productivity. Used for desktop app, web apps & data mining. In October 2016, Microsoft launched the beta version 2.0. Of its Cognitive Toolkit open-source deep-learning framework. Which includes support for Python.

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#4 JavaScript:

JavaScript (different from Java) moved down 1 place. In our ranking compared to 2016. But otherwise the number of jobs posting stayed roughly the same. It’s a mainly client-side, dynamic scripting language. Used for front-end developments. JavaScript is compatible across all browsers. Used in over 90% of all web page & is the most popular language on StackOverflow. Compatibility & adoption of JavaScript 6 continued to grow in 2016. And Progressive Web App became more usable, allowing offline-first functionality for web app.

#5 C++:

C++ grew by about 20,000 job postings over 2016. And passed pori to take fifth place. Built on C, the grandfather of all programming languages. C++ is a powerful, high-performance language. Used to build system software, game engines, desktop & web apps. Some beginners find C++ harder to learn.

 #6 C#:

“C Sharp” saw a small increase in popularity in 2017. But not enough to keep it from falling behind C++. The language was developed for Microsoft’s .NET software framework. Since the discharge of the .NET Core open-source development platform in June 2016. Its main use is building Microsoft enterprise softwares. Most of the features in C# 7.0 were released last year. Including languages support for Tuples. Local function, pattern matching & many more.

Some Popular Programming languages of 2017 is Continue:

#7 Perl:

Perl made a huge jump in popularity this year. To move ahead of iOS & PHP and knock Ruby off of our list. Perl, or “the duct tape that holds the Internet together,” as it’s been named. Is actually 2 language now. Perl 5 & Perl 6. Which launched in Dec. 2015. These are general-purpose dynamic programming language. That see a lot of use in CGI, graphics, network, and finance programming. Some think the gain of DevOps triggered this popularity surge. Perl is versatile & works well with other language. Making it a good DevOps tool.

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 #8 iOS Family:

Most developers writing for the iOS operating system. Use Objective-C, C, or Apple’s new Swift programming languages. We counted any job postings. That included “iOS” in our ranking. And saw little change from 2016. Swift launched in 2014 & it rose quickly in popularity. Due to its scalability, speed, ease of use and strong demand. From the mobile app marketplace. Apple released Swift 3.0 in Sept 2016. With new feature including better translation of Objective-C APIs. Modernizations of debugging identifiers & a new model for collections and indices. Apple plans to release Swift 3.1 & Swift 4 in 2017.

#9 PHP:

PHP stayed in the same place in our ranking from 2016 to 2017. With little change in popularity. It’s a server-side programming language. Used on more than 80% of websites today. Including Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr and WordPress. It wasn’t the buzziest language in 2016. But the sheer number of websites still built with it ensure. It’s still a useful skill for a developer. Especially when paired with Javascript & SQL.

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