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Some Keyboard shortcuts that everybody should use

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Some Keyboard shortcuts that everybody should use:

This article is about “Some Keyboard shortcuts that everybody should use”. When you lift the hand off your keyboard. And going for the mouse you are wasting adore of seconds of your time in workflow. This is the reason you need to use the keyboard shortcuts. To work & moreover they are authentic than mouse.

For Example: Selecting Cells in a Excelsheet. One of the most basic keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + C (copy). Ctrl + X (cut) and Ctrl +V. But we are not here to talk about that. (Some Keyboard shortcuts that everybody should use). We are here to talk about the keyboard shortcuts. That will make your life more productive.

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Windows Key + Arrow = Windows Snap:

Press Windows + Left Arrow to snap a window. To the left side of the screen. Or Windows + Right Arrow to snap it to the right. If you have more than one screen. You can press the key combo more than once to move a window. From one screen to another and you can snap a different window. To each monitor edge, allowing you to have 4 snapped windows. On 2 displays (or 6 or a 3-display setup). Pressing Windows + Up  Arrow maximises a window. While Window + Down Arrow minimises it.

Shift + Arrow = Highlight Text:

To highlight text with your keyboard. Simply hold down the Shift key as you move the cursor with the arrow keys. If you also hold down CTRL. You can highlight whole words. Rather than individual characters with each arrow press. Remember that you can also change text to bold (CTRL + B). Or italics (CTRL + I) in most programs without using a mouse.

Shift + F7 = Thesaurus Lookup in Word:

Every time we write an article we like to keep it fresh by using some new words. If you are writing an english essay. And like to impress your professor. You can use Thesaurus to make your article interesting.

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Windows Key + L = Lock Your PC:

It is better to lock your system. When you are going for a quick coffee break. Otherwise in some case scenarios when you leave your system. Your friends might mess up your pc & cause you a big difficulty.

ALT + Left Arrow = Back in Web Browser:

Some times you want to take a quick look. At the page you visited seconds ago. Then you can just press Alt & Left Arrow. To make your work out a quick look.

CTRL + D = Bookmark a Webpage:

If you like what you’re reading in any of the three major browsers. And want to bookmark it. There’s no need to click a star icon. Or select an option from the Favorites menu. Pressing CTRL + D in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Pops up a dialog box which lets you bookmark the current page. Edit the name of the bookmark & even select a folder to store it in.

Some Keyboard shortcuts that everybody should use, F2 = Rename Files:

There are so many reasons why you would need to rename a file. Perhaps it’s a photo with a non-descript filename. Like PC_0591.jpg. Whatever your reason, the fastest & easiest way. To rename a file is to select it in Windows Explorer & press the F2 key.

You can even use rename multiple files at the same time. Just highlight all the files you want to rename. (Shift + click lets you highlight many files at once). Press it F2, type the new name & press Enter. All the files will have the same new name. Plus a number in parens (ex: mydog (1).jpg).

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