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How to Remove Malware From Your Windows Computer | PcPlugins

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Before I tell you about How to Remove Malware From Your Windows Computer, it’s important to know what is malware. Malware is a computer program that can harm your computer and can result in huge problems. Malware can either ruin the working or your computer or destroy your precious data. It can sometimes pose a threat to your privacy. Some hackers insert malwares to the victim’s computer in order to get financial benefits. They achieve this goal by hacking their financial accounts or surveillancing their each and every act. You can also judge by noting some incidents if your computer is infected by a malware. Beware if your computer is acting slow lately. Malware can also spread into your system even if you’re using an antiviruse program. Because some malwares are so harmfully strong that nothing can stop them from invading pc.

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Remove Malware From Your Windows Computer

1. Remove Malware From Your Windows Computer by Safe Mode:

In windows, safe mode is a feature in which your computer is in a specific state. In this state, the unimportant programs are not loaded at all. Only the basic essential programs that are important for the proper functioning of the pc are run. If your computer runs faster in this mode then that can be an indication of malware in system. Since there’s a minimum number of services that are loaded in safe mode. So any malware that is programmed to run automatically will not be loaded at all. Turn off your internet because that would help you to prevent the spread of malware. Now reboot your computer in safe mode and delete the unnecessary files. Now you know how to remove malware manually.

2. Deleting Temporary Files:

It is important to run virus scan in safe mode. But before doing it, it is essential to delete temporary files right away. Temporary files are usually cache which are of no importance. They pile up with passage of time resulting in the decrease in speed of the computer. Removing them will result in freeing of disk space and getting rid of malware. In order to do it, navigate to start button on your windows system. Just type disk cleanup in the search box and click on the disk cleanup utility. This process will also result in speeding up of the virus scan. So this was another process to remove malware from your windows computer.

3. Using Malware Removal Tool:

Last but not the least, you’ll have to need to get your hands onto a malware removal tools. These are actually the antivirus softwares. You should use one that was not already installed on your windows pc. Because the already installed one failed in keeping your pc safe from that specific malware in getting into your computer. There are various malware removal tools available online. Some are free and others are paid. Use the one which suits you the best to remove malware from your windows computer.

4. Restart Your Windows:

This process always works like a charm and I always prefer it personally. Whenever you fail in removing the malware form you windows pc after performing all the above steps. Then you should re install your windows operating system. That would absolutely remove each and every kind of virus from your system.


In this article, I’ve listed out very useful methods that will help you in kicking a malware out of your system. By using these steps you can remove malware from your laptop or computer. They always work like a charm, atleast for me. Comment below if you know any other method that helped you to get rid of a virus.

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