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Palm sized DJI Spark drone delivers epic selfies

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Palm sized DJI Spark drone delivers epic selfies:

Palm sized DJI Spark drone delivers epic selfies it is wonderful. DJI Spark drone is priced at $499. And this one can be launched straight from the palm of your hand. DJI Spark is a new drone, priced at $499, which can be launched straight from the palm of your hand. The idea is to make drone flying simple enough for everyone. And thus it can be controlled by hand gestures alone. For those who have never flown a drone or find it an extremely difficult task. The Spark drone from DJI could solve some of those problems.

Palm sized DJI Spark drone delivers epic selfies. According to DJI, once Spark is up in the air. It will automatically go into Gesture mode. It comes with Palm Control by which users can send Spark up in the air. Away from themselves, take a selfie or even call it back to their hands.  Spark is also lightweight, weighing around 300 grams, and according to DJI will fit easily in most bags.

Specifications of this Product:

DJI Spark drone has a main camera, capable of shooting 12MP pictures and 1080 full HD resolution videos. It also includes a vision system that faces downwards. A 3D Sensing system on the front, dual band GPS and GLONASS. Thanks to the 3D Sensing system it can figure out obstacles from 16 feet or 5 metres away.

There’s also a “high-precision inertial measurement unit, and 24 powerful computing cores,” on board, says the company. You can fly this drone accurately at a height of up to 98 feet (30 meters). The total flying time on the drone is a maximum of up to 16 minutes. It also allows for 720p real-time video transmission from up to 2 km away.

DJI Spark has a main camera. Which is capable of shooting 12MP pictures & 1080 full HD resolution videos.

Key features of the DJI’s Spark drone are as follows:

QuickShot Intelligent Flight Mode: On the DJI Spark, users will get an option to set a new flight option. The drone will then fly along this preset path, record the video, and track the subject. The four QuickShot modes available on DJI Spark drone are: Rocket, Dronie, Circle and Helix.

“Palm sized DJI Spark drone delivers epic selfies”. In the rocket mode, Spark goes straight up into the air just like a rocket would. But the camera is pointed downwards. In the Dronie mode, it flies up and away from the subject. In the Circle mode, the drone will rotate around the subject. Finally in Helix it spirals away from a subject as it flies upward.

DJI says that in each QuickShot mode, Spark will create a 10-second video. Which can be shared instantly on social media.

TapFly, ActiveTrack:

TapFly lets users fly their Spark drone to a location, which has been picked on the mobile device. The ActiveTrack will let Spark automatically recognise and track an object chosen by the user. And it will be in the centre of the frame. In this mode, Spark’s 3D Sensing System senses any obstacles that might appear in front of it.

Sport Mode:

DJI’s Spark drone also has a Sport Mode letting users fly this. At up to 31 mph or nearly 50 km per hour. In this mode, the gimbal is set to first-person view as the default one. And the camera will move with you as you fly the drone.


“Palm sized DJI Spark drone delivers epic selfies”. DJI Spark has a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor and the videos shot are stabilized. It has a 2-axis mechanical gimbal to reduce shakes in video shots. It also comes with two new modes called Pano and ShallowFocus. In the Pano mode, the DJI Spark drone’s camera will create horizontal or vertical panoramas. This is done by adjusting the gimbal, and stitching together a series of pictures.

DJI’s Spark drone also has a Sport Mode letting users fly this. At up to 31 mph or 50 km per hour.

ShallowFocus lets users put an object in sharp focus, while the rest of the background is blurred. The idea is to create a shallow depth of field, and create a bokeh style image.

Filters, Social media:

DJI Spark also has options for filters, automatic editing templates in the app. It will also let users share videos directly on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

“Palm sized DJI Spark drone delivers epic selfies”. Other features DJI Spark include the ability to return home automatically, provided the GPS signal is strong enough. For those using the remote control, if the battery gets low or connection is lost. The user can press Return to Home (RTH) button, and Spark will be back home.

Spark will also give guidance on where there maybe be restrictions on using the drone. With its DJI’s GEO System or NFZ geofencing. DJI’s Spark drone is going on sale in the US at $499. And the package will include the drone, battery, USB charger, and three pairs of propellers, is $499 USD.

One more Product:

Another combo for $699 includes two batteries, four pairs of propellers. Remote controller, propeller guards, a charging hub. A shoulder bag and all necessary cables, along with the DJI Spark drone. DJI has not announced the price of accessories separately.

The drone will come in five colours: Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red, and Sunrise Yellow. DJI Spark drone will start shipping from June 15.

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