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New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and specs

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and specs:

This article is about “New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and specs”. Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. (The new and best big phone).

New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and specs:

  • Price: Review Price: £869.
  • Display: 6.3-inch quad-HD+ AMOLED HDR display.
  • Processor: Exynos 8895 / Snapdragon 835.
  • Storage: 6GB RAM, 64GB storage.
  • Power: 3300 mAh battery, Wireless and fast charging.
  • OS: Android 7.1.1.

The new best & big phone:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one the best phones of 2016.Until it began to catch fire. “New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and specs”. It was a sour end to what appeared to be a good year for Samsung. Twelve months on, it doesn’t seem to have caused any lasting issues. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are easily two of the best handsets of the year so distant, selling in droves.

And the company has just announced the Samsung Note 8: a smartphone. I never thought would come to be. Before delving into my hands-on first impressions. Here are the key facts you need to know about Samsung’s latest phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 UK release date is September 2017:

Like all recent Samsung phones, the Note 8 is a gorgeous slab of curved metal and glass. It looks a lot like the S8. It’s more straight-edged and more businesslike. And the curved screen is steeper to aid S-Pen note-taking. The eternity Display is even bigger at 6.3 inches. And it continues to make bezel-heavy devices feel old-fashioned by comparison.

Note 8 – Design and Screen:

If you found the S8+ too big, you’ll struggle here. The Note 8 is slightly larger on all fronts and difficult to use with one hand. The iPhone 7 Plus, which remains a bizarrely large phone for its screen size. (New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and specs). Is one of the only other recent phones to come close to matching the Note 8 in size. The QHD+ AMOLED display is stunning, but that’s no surprise. The colours suck you in and perfect blacks make it ideal for Netflix and YouTube watching & scrolling through pictures.

The slightly odd 18.5:9 aspect ratio is strange at first. But you can stretch videos and apps to fit it so it doesn’t detract from anything. The Note 8 is HDR certified by the 4K Alliance like the S8. But the actual amount of HDR content around is still slim.

Differences between the Note 8 and its S8 siblings:

There are a few design differences between the Note 8 and its S8 siblings. The biggest is the addition of the S-Pen stylus. Which is pinched away next to the USB Type-C port on the phone’s bottom. Even though this adds a for water to get in the Note 8. Has the same value of IP68 water-resistance as the S8.


Samsung told me the S-Pen is more sensitive than previous versions. And its combination with the Note 8 will be ideal for artists. However, in my opinion, the Note 8’s giant screen will still confirm too small. Some people may still want it for note-taking. But in all honesty the S-Pen has always felt like an antiquated accessory. That I’ve never used beyond the initial week. I’m not sure it will be any different this time.

Galaxy Note 8 – Camera:

The other big change is on the rear of the device. Samsung has jumped on the dual-camera bandwagon. Dropping a 12-megapixel telephoto sensor. Next to the already excellent wider-angle 12-megapixel sensor from the Galaxy S8. Importantly, both these sensors feature optical image stabilisation (OIS). So even if you use the 2x optical zoom, your snaps should be blur-free. The main issue with the secondary sensor on the iPhone 7 Plus is that it lacks OIS. And so it struggles if you’re not stock still.

I’m not the biggest fan of dual-sensor cameras. And none of the phones with the best cameras have them. But it does imply like Samsung is on the right track. You can quickly jump to ‘2x’ zoom in the camera app. And from there entry a Live Focus mode for achieving that blurry background bokeh effect. Again, false bokeh effects can often look terrible. But in my short time with the Note 8, the results looked good. The second sensor really helps here. On the front you get the same 8-megapixel selfie camera as the S8.

Galaxy Note 8 – Specs:

Internal specs have always been pulled from the top-drawer. For the Note series, and that remains true here. There’s 6GB of RAM, either an Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835 CPU. And 64GB of storage, plus a slot for a microSD card. Expect US owners to get the Snapdragon version. While the UK and rest of the world the Exynos one. Time will tell whether the device is as fast as the specs suggest. But Samsung’s software has been gradually and constantly improving so we have high hopes.

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The Android 7.1.1 software is all but identical to that included. With the Galaxy S8, and that’s not bad. Samsung has done a great job of making use of that big screen. Split-screen apps are useful with the extra space. The UI makes it easier to swipe around with just one hand.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and specs, S-Pen:

Predictably, the majority of the extra software tweaks added. For the Note 8 revolve around the S-Pen. Screen-off Memo remnant my favourite, letting you pop out the S-Pen. With the screen off and start jotting down notes on the black display. You may also live-translate words simply by dragging over the stylus. Which works as advertised during my demo.

The only potential issue with the Note 8’s specs will be its slightly small battery. The 3300mAh cell offers less capacity than that of the Galaxy S8+. And leaves me concerned about the phablet’s stamina. I can barely get through a full day of hard usage on the S8+, and seeing. The Note 8 has an even bigger screen and more RAM. It could be a struggle. At least there’s both wireless and fast-charging onboard. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any ‘exploding’ Galaxy Note issues this time around.

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