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New Policy Of Youtube Monetization 2018

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Google is providing so many Programmes of Bussines. Many People are earning from these programmes. Google has a programme named Google Adsense. People who want to advertise their business, Google provides this platform on the Internet to spread their business. Youtube channel is One of the best-earning sources. This article is about “New Policy Of Youtube Monetization 2018“. To regain an effort about advertiser’s trust Google has changed his Policy About Youtube Monetization. Google setting a higher bar for the Youtube Partner Programme. Youtube provides very informative videos.

Youtube is a Property of Google Inc. As you know the Youtube is a High ranking Website. It is the 2nd Biggest website in the whole World. It contains only videos on it. It has trillions of visitors daily. These videos are about Education, Health, General Knowledge, and History. It also has Funny Videos, Dramas, Movies, and much much more. Youtube provides videos almost all common languages.

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New Policy Of Youtube About Monetization

New Policy Of Youtube About Monetization:

As we saying that the Youtube changes its Policy about Monetization and tighten their rules about Monetization. Previously, People need only 10,000 views on their whole Channel to join the Youtube Monetization Policy. But now the New Policy Of Youtube About Monetization is 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 hours (2,40,000 watch minutes) in the previous 12 months.

Youtube Monetization


Google will also see the channel Age which will be 1 year then Google will verify an account of Adsense. These are just requirements to join the Google program. But Google says it will also start applying these rules on current partners from 20 Feb. Google says these new rules are tightening but it is necessary. Channel owners

What is Youtube Monetization:

Through Youtube Partner Program channel creators can monetize their content on Youtube. In this Program, Google checks your content and also check that the Content is not Copyrighted Channel Creators can get money from Youtube subscribers watching their videos. & from advertisements offered on their videos. People create their own channels on Youtube, upload their Videos and get a handsome amount from Youtube Monetization. Now if your Channel is 1 year old, you can eligible for applying a Google Adsense for Youtube Monetization. You must have 4’000 watch hours, 1’000 subscribers and 10.000 views on your Channel.

This article is written by Ahmed Sonu.

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