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New Nokia P1 Features we all want

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New Nokia P1 Features we all want release date:

NOKIA is set to reveal its best and biggest Android smartphone ever next weekend. In New Nokia P1 Features we all want. Here’s everything we want to see in the Nokia P1. The Nokia P1 release date is now just days away. The iconic Finnish firm is preparing to reveal its most advanced handset. Still as Nokia’s newest handset could be one of the wonder hits of 2017.

So with the Nokia P1 launch set for later this month at the Mobile World Congress. New Nokia P1 Features we all want. What should we expect to see in the latest breakthrough Android flagship?


It’s safe to say that the look and design of smartphones has changed significantly since Nokia’s heyday. The company soared to success built on the chunky plastic build of its iconic Nokia 3310 device. Which won a spot in many user’s hearts thanks to its durability and pocket-friendly size.

New Nokia P1 Features we all want. However smartphones have revolutionized the appearance of mobile devices in the decade since then. With larger-screen handsets that feature slim and sleek designs metal of tough metal and glass now the norm. It seems that Nokia will conform to type with its new device. Ditching the colourful plastic build of its past Lumia. Made for something a bit more similar to the likes of Apple’s iPhone.

Features of Nokia P1:

That’s because recent reports and leaks have suggested. That the Nokia P1 will be the company’s most eye-catching handset to date. The device will reportedly sport an all-metal body that is curved at the corners. Similar to many leading Android devices around today.
New Nokia P1 Features we all want. The Nokia P1 looks set to feature a 5.3in display covered in Gorilla Glass 5. Making it hopefully resistant to drops & spills, and come with IP57 dust & water-proof protection. Below this is a physical home button with an embedded fingerprint sensor for speedy locking & unlocking. With a fingerprint scanner on the back side. All in all, it seems that the Nokia P1 will be a huge leap forward in aesthetics. If nothing more for a company that has built its reputation on simplicity.


Along with this striking redesign, it looks like the Nokia P1 will also pack in some seriously decent hardware. Smartphone customers are demanding. Even more from their devices these days than ever before. As mobiles have turned in to all-singing and dancing entertainment and media hubs.

It’s a far cry from Nokia’s past, when a week-long battery life. And the addictive genius of Snake 2 was all that was needed to hook in new fans. The Nokia P1 will unsurprisingly feature a number of hardware upgrades, for the company’s most powerful device to date.


As with many new flagship Android smartphones, the Nokia P1 will run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Making it the 1st Nokia device to do so. This means that users will be able to get all the latest features of Google’s Android software. Along with multi-windows apps, better battery life and security, and a whole host of new emoji.

However this means there probably won’t be any place for one of Android Nougat’s best new features. The super-smart Google Assistant is only available in Android 7.1 Nougat & above. Allowing users to bring information, make bookings, and interact with apps all through their voice.

It’s a shame, but the large amount of alternative voice assistants around today. May mean Nokia is set to reveal its own platform. But seeing as how the recently-released Nokia 6 had nothing of the sort, this may be just a pipe dream.


Nokia is set to reveal all on its new smartphones. At an event in Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona on February 26th. There’s no concrete information on the price of the new device just yet. But we’re expecting the cost to be around the likes of other Android flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

That would suggest a price of around £500 for the 128GB version, and likely around £600 for the 256GB edition. The leaked concept video for the Nokia P1 suggests multiple colour schemes. With black, silver & rose gold options displayed, which would make sense also.

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