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How We Can Get A SIX In Ludo STAR

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In this article, we discuss “How We Can Get A SIX In Ludo STAR“. Today, Here we share with you a new playing method of this new Game. It allows you to get a SIX in every moment you play this new game. This new trick is pretty easy and all you need to do is that you must play this game with the clock when the clock is at 12:15. Now you can decay the dice you will apparently get a SIX or a big number like 5, 4. A YouTube user/player Cross Trip figured out this trick. That we’re very grateful to him.

This genius Gay also makes a YouTube video which you can locate embedded below. “How We Can Get A SIX In Ludo STAR“. This new Ludo Star is the best game of this year. That is taking all the internet by storm. Available for both iOS & Android phones. This game is the multiplayer game with the basic theme of original Ludo game.

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How We Can Get A SIX In Ludo STAR:

Enjoy Classic Ludo STAR 2017 Unlimited Coin! The more you play. The more interesting it becomes. Biggest Ludo game 2017. Please hold us & Download it. Play this royal game of Kings, Queens and Princes. You will never more regret it. It is also possible for iPhone and iPad. Use of the application is governed by Game berry Labs. Sessions of Use. Collection & use of private data is conditional to Game berry Labs Privacy Policy. Both methods are available.

Guide to Get A Six in Ludo Star:

Now without any wait, let us reveal the trick that you may use to playing Ludo Star. Get SIX without jailbreaking or rooting your Android device. 1st of all, Start the game then make sure you have an active internet connection. Play this game at 12:15. Throw the dice, Player will get A SIX that you can utilize to proceed in this Game & you can beat the opponent.

The reason behind so mega success of Ludo Star includes its simple interface. This is so similar to the actual hard game. Aside from that, users can play the battles with their Facebook friends which makes this game a replica of the original one.

Ludo STAR New Unlimited Coin Classic Features:

  • * Sign in with Facebook & invite friends to play with yourself.
  • * Play with a random player in 2/4 player events
  • * Play variations: Master, Classic or Quick
  • * Play with personal rules like
  • * Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before arriving house etc.
  • * Applicable to All Ages.
  • * Download it Free.
  • * Send emoticons to different players during your play.
    * Bring your friends during yourself play.

New Ludo Star Game for iOS/Android Devices:

For those people who don’t know about this game. Ludo is an ancient Persian game whose history goes to the late 18th century. But the name Ludo comes from Britain. This game is quite popular in Asian countries including India and Pakistan. There are many types of games that can be played on Ludo setup. The most famous one involves 4 sets of different colored icons. Since it has 4 sets and there is a battle among 4 players for the crown.

Six Ludo Star on Android iOS:

Almost all such ancient games like Ludo are made available for PC and mobile phones. Many Ludo games available in both iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The game that is leading the headlines these days is known as Ludo Star. So if you are Ludo Star follower. You would be familiar with the rules. The most important factor in this Game is getting six.

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