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How to use Remark in Windows 10’s Mail app

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In this article, you will read about “How to use Remark in Windows 10’s Mail app“. The ultra-modern model of the home windows 10’s mail app. Now has one of all Microsoft’s greater precise mail features in recent years: mentions. The feature is sort of like twitter or facebook mentions. You tag a person in an email with an “@” symbol.

How to use Remark in Windows 10’s Mail app. It flags the message in their inbox in the event that they’re the use of workplace 365, outlook.com or the Windows 10 mail app. Windows 10 Mail’s Remark in action. Mentions can be used to assign team contributors a positive task, create an attendee list for conferences and so on.

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How to use Remark in Windows 10's Mail app

How to use Remark in Windows 10’s Mail app:

Mentions aren’t like usual outlook flags. Instead, recipients see a massive “@” image above the time sent a notification. On the right facet of the message title, as pictured right here. Microsoft first announced mentions in overdue 2015 and the feature began to hit outlook.com in 2016. Mentions work the same way anyplace the function is to be had.

Begin writing a mail message and inside the body of the message types the “@” image. A panel will appear with your contacts in it. As you type the contact’s call. The listing in the panel will exchange allowing you to pick out the right individual after some keystrokes.

Microsoft’s Mentions in action in Windows 10 Mail.

Past making it more obvious that the recipient need to be aware of a selected message. Mentions also have some different blessings. First, a mention is certainly just a simple antique “mail to” link. That means they are visible to non__Microsoft mail users. In case you click on one it will create a new mail message addressed to that person. On top of that, if you forget to feature a person in an electronic mail message. Typing a mention with their call will mechanically add them to the “to:” line.

If you erase that mention their email cope with will disappear. So the mention ought to preferably make sense inside the context of the message. Mentions also can characteristic as tags making it easier for everybody to search their inbox at a later date. In case you want to work with others or simply list who’s bringing the potato salad and who’s bringing the hot dogs to the following circle of relatives trip mentions can help.

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