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How to use Microsoft OneNote for Beginners

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This article is about “How to use Microsoft OneNote for Beginners“. OneNote is the great Microsoft program you’re no doubt. Not using for me. It’s become the online home. For much of my work such as Article drafts, interview transcripts. Even odd thoughts about how to re-organize the home office. I love it. I can take it with me anywhere. OneNote is bake right into the company’s own Surface devices.

There are apps for Interface Operating System, Android. MacOS, & support for Apple Watch & Android Wear also. “How to use Microsoft OneNote for Beginners”. It’s not simple to build an app. That serves so many other purposes. It works fine across platforms. But OneNote often pulls it off. Another upside to OneNote is that the development. This step is pretty speedy. Predict regular servings of bug fixes & feature enhancements.

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How to use Microsoft OneNote for Beginners:

OneNote has a tiered organizational system: notebooks, sections, & notes. For example, I have notebooks for specific tasks: article research. Also Personal items, & other important subjects. (How to use Microsoft OneNote for Beginners). You can highlight, draw, enter text, and pinch & zoom just like on your smartphone. If you’d rather keep things scanty. OneNote can be a home for quick lists or be keeping track of to-do items you need to finish.

It can become a repository for articles. That you need for research. There’s also a collaborative component. As you can share notebooks with a team. OneNote has a basic organized way strategy. That is easy to follow on both Mac & Windows versions. The real differentiator is inking. If you have a Microsoft Surface device.

How to shuffle the two versions of One-Note (OneNote 2016):

An essential distinction to be aware of on Windows is there are two versions of OneNote. One is the free version. Mobile (for the some of you using a Windows smartphone). In most cases, the free version has a number of advantages. “How to use Microsoft OneNote for Beginners)“. The sections & individual notes are all listed on the side which is a tiny faster to cycle through. If you’re using the Surface Pen. However, there are some profits to the OneNote 2016 desktop app with it. There is a lot of customization in the desktop version of OneNote.

OneNote vs EverNote:

For Evernote users. Think about how to get all of your objects into a fresh service. You can export your Ever-note contents into a file during the transition. The process there will a new One-Note (notebook) for each Ever-note note-book. Pages will come over as fresh pages & tags will transform into sections.

The key is to explore its broad set of features. Take the time to make a workflow that works best for you. The purple monster could become the digital notebook you didn’t know you needed.

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