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How To Unlock Android Smartphone Without Losing Data

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In this modern Era, everyone is using a mobile phone. Most of the people are using a smartphone. There are many operating systems available in smartphones like iOS, Android, and Windows. Everyone wants to make their Android secure. You can use password, Lock screen, pin code, and pattern lock screen to protect your personal data on your Android. This may secure your information and personal data from strangers. What would you do if you forgot your lock screen pattern? If you are using an Android. This article has wonderful information about “How To Unlock Android Smartphone Without Losing Data“.

If you are an Android user you should read this article. Android is the most used Mobile OS in the world. Engineers had work hard to make it more secure after every update. It’s true that if you ever forget your pattern or password of your Android you can reset your mobile & get your device back.

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How To Unlock Android Smartphone

How To Unlock Android Smartphone Without Losing Data:

In this situation, you will lose your mobile data. If you want to recover your device without losing any data. Please follow these steps. We hope this article will help you.

  • * Download Aroma File Manager.
  • * You Android device either locked by pattern lock or password lock.
  • * A micro SD card for your Android device.

How To Unlock Android Smartphone without Code:

After downloading Aroma File Manager. Paste it on your memory card. Insert this micro SD card into your locked Android device. Open Stock Recovery Mode with reboot your Android device by pressing Power Key & Volume up key simultaneously. Keep in mind different phones may have different methods to open stock recovery mode. So if you have any problem you can solve it from Google search.

After entering into recovery mode use Volume+ and Volume- buttons to scroll up & down. For selection use middle button. From there click on “Install Zip from SD Card” and give a path to install “Aroma File Manager” from your SD card. After installing, it will open in recovery mode.

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Further process of How To Unlock Android Smartphone:

Keep reading this article on How To Unlock Android Smartphone. From the Aroma File Manager navigate to settings >>. Go to the bottom & click on “Automount all devices on start” and then exit. After doing this, again open “Aroma File Manager” in reboot menu. Now navigate to Data Folder >>>> System Folder & search >>>> “gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock respectively.

Delete that anyone file & then exit aroma file manager. Now reboot your Android device. Later rebooting you will attend that password or pattern lock not removed. But don’t worry draw any pattern and you will open your Android device. But remember or note that pattern. If you have any problem with this process see this video carefully to clear out any difficulty.

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