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How To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance Easily

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If you are suffering from low performance on your Windows 10. You must read this article. This article is about, “How To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance Easily”. This is a common issue nowadays. Many people complaints that their Windows 10 is running slow. People upgrade their RAM and some of them changed their SSD with a faster & new one. It may be very costly. Some people want to solve this issue in an easy way. Here in this article, we will be trying to tell you some techniques which will be helpful to you.

These smart tips are very useful to give a boost to a Windows 10 easily. But be aware that some of the tricks can drain your battery if you are using a laptop. Now you will decide to attempt a trick to give a sacrifice. But keep in mind these tricks and tips can boost your Windows 10.

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How To Speed Up Windows 10

How To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance Easily:

Check for a Malware: My experience says maybe there is any malware on your system. Maybe your system is infected. Because some Malicious codes can slow down your System. You should remove this Malicious malware from your system. In this case, if you are suspicious click here How to Remove Malware From Your Windows Computer.

Turn Off Windows10 Tips: Sometimes Windows 10 gives you some tips on how you can better use your Windows 10. But there is a problem that you must see these tips and keep in mind that what are you doing on your system. This option can slow down your Windows 10. We suggest that turn off this notification setting. To do this Go to > Start menu > select system > select > Notifications and actions. Here at the end of the Notifications section, turn off Get tips, tricks, and suggestions.

How to make Windows 10 Faster:

Give A Reboot: If you are observing that your system is making a lot of noise, you must reboot your Windows. Do it daily to boost your PC. If your system is very slow.

Undo Some Appearance Options: A lot of programmes need to autoplay with every boot, like your antivirus software. But they can also slow down your Pc performance. Some programs continue to slow down your Windows. Some are necessary for Windows but some are not compulsory. Onedrive is also a program that keeps running in the background. You don’t want to need to uninstall any program but you can autoload off that unnecessary programs.

Boost Windows 10 Performance:

Note: If you are searching for “How To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance Easily” and really need to Boost Windows 10 Performance keep reading. There are also some commands which are helpful to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance. Go to search bar, type run, enter “prefetch” command and press Enter. Select all files that are shown, select all and permanently delete it by pressing Shift+Delete keys.

Here we are writing another command note it also. Type “%temp%” in the Run command. Select all files which will appear, select all and Delete them permanently by using a method we write above. If after applying these tips, your PC still running slow, it might be the time to upgrade your system.

This article is written by Ahmed Sonu. for more information about, How To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance Easily contact us by Click here> PC Plugins.

For your easiness, we are adding a video for you.

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