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How to install a Graphics Card in PC

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If you are a PC Games lover and wants to upgrade your PC with a new Graphics Card. So you must read this article carefully. If you want to level up your Gaming Mode keep reading. This article is about “How to install a Graphics Card in PC“. It’s so simple. If you are using a motherboard integrated graphics, a dedicated Graphics Card can easily increase the performance of your Games. Installation of a graphics card means to step up your PC. Here are some instructions about, (How to install a Graphics Card in PC). This graphics card can reconstruct your PC from a system.

You must see the power supply of your PC before installation of Graphics Card. You can see the Wattage of your power supply which is printed on a sticker. Some Graphics Card required special power requirements for installation. If you not having enough power your PC will work properly. Search online to check your system’s all power. A low power supply can damage and can explode your whole PC including your new Graphics Card.

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How to install a Graphics Card in PC

How to install a Graphics Card in PC:

Here’s how to upgrade your computer with a new Graphics Card. Firstly Decide that which Graphics Card you want to install on your PC. There are few Graphics Card manufacturing companies in the market. But Nvidia and AMD are two famous brands. Both brands are having a huge variety of Graphic Cards. There are many series of AMD and Nvidia Cards.

Choose one of them which is your requirement. After checking the power wattage you must see your PC Motherboard. Is it compatible with your new Graphics Card? If you are assured so now the time to attach a Graphics Card to your PC.

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Installing a Graphics Card:

Keeep reading our article about, How to install a Graphics Card in PC. Most of Motherboards are equiped with a PCI-E slot which is what virtualy all modern Graphics card are using. But old motherboards have AGP slot which requires a card that support AGP. So read your PC catalog carefully to ensure these steps. So if you are setisfied now there is another hurdle for you. Some new Graphics Card are in big size and covers some extra space, so please measure your new Cards dimention and then measure your PC inside space.

If you will cross this Hurdle you are so lucky. As we tell above their are many types of Graphics Card for many purpose. There ranges are near 30$ to 1000$. Now you should to decide what is your necessary. Keep in mind your Pocket Bughet and power consuption and then select one of them.

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How to Install new Graphics Card Driver:

After purchasing a Card firstly uninstall your old card drivers. This is a software that allows communicating between a hardware and operating system. Go to windows uninstall drivers from device manager. If you are having a problem to locate this file, simply type Device manager in the search bar of start menu/start screen. Expand the Display Adapters category in the Device Manager Window. Now Right-click on the installed display adapter & then click on “Uninstall”.

Follow the prompts to uninstall the current drivers from your operating system. Your display will most get ugly & will become blurry. Note: If you are using a Mac don’t need to uninstall any old drivers. Now shut down and unplug your computer properly. Unplug all the components from your PC casing including power cable. Now need a Philips type screwdriver to open your PC”s casing. It’s not so difficult. Ly down your PC and untie your old Card which is attached to your motherboard.

Final Process of Installing a Graphics Card:

Unplug all the display wires and remove it out. See the extension slots on the motherboard. You can get instructions from your PC Guide Book to do this. If your motherboard is duty so clean it with an air blower. Place a New Graphics Card on its position. Make sure the knobs and screws are fully tight. It is very necessary.

Fit all the wires and screws inside the casing and pack up your PC carefully. Now Plug in all the wires and Power cable. Switch on your computer and run Windows. Install the new drivers. Your new Graphics Card is ready to use. For any difficulty getting help with the video showing below. For more help contact us in comment Box.



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