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How to hack any Wi-Fi password rapidly

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How to hack any Wi-Fi password rapidly is a common question nowadays. Some internet users want to get free Wi-Fi Service. This article is about “How to hack any Wi-Fi password rapidly“. Are you have any Wi-Fi network at your house or live close to 1 (or more) that alluring pop up in an account? Whenever you boot up your laptop. If there’s any lock next to the name it is a problem. That indicates security for the Wi-Fi network is turned on. You’re not going to bring access to that network.

Perhaps you forgot the Wi-Fi password on your own network, or don’t have your neighbors want to share the Wi-Fi. You can just go to a café & use the “free” Wi-Fi there. Download an app on your smartphone related WiFi-Map. You’ll have a list of 2 million wifi hotspots with free Wi-Fi access.

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How to hack any Wi-Fi password rapidly:

There are other some forms to get back on the wireless.  Many of them require high patience & waiting. That café idea is going to look so pretty good. Before you try this, just try to login to the router firstly. You can reset your wireless password easily. If you’ve forgotten it. The issue is when you don’t remember the password of the router. (They’re not the equal thing, except you set it up that way). But it only works if you have physical access to the router. “How to hack any Wi-Fi password rapidly“.

Every router in existence has a reset button it on his backside. Push it with a pen or any sharp tool. Hold it for about Ten(10) seconds. Now the router will change into his factory settings. If you’ve got a router that came from your ISP. Check the stickers ahead a reset. They might have printed the router and Wi-Fi passwords. Right on the hardware.

The web browser on any PC attached:

After resetting it, you will need to enter another password (plus a username) to access the router. Generally, you can do this in a Web browser of any PC attached to the router. You’ll need that since the reset probably ends of any potential Wi-Fi connection you had going in. The URL to type is like, or some variation. “How to hack any Wi-Fi password rapidly“. Once you’re requested for a username/password, what do you do? The analysis you are manual which you probably get lost/threw away. Go to Router Passwords.com. The site exists for 1 reason: to tell people the default username or password on just about any router ever created.


Hack any Wi-Fi password with software:

You need to know how to crack the password on a Wi-Fi network. Searching for “wi-fi password hack,” or some other variations, nets you will get a lot of links. Mostly for software on sites where the adware, bots, and scams are pouring alike snake oil. Download it at your own risk, for Windows PCs especially. Better to have a PC that you can afford to get effed up a bit if you go that direction. I had multiple attempts with tools. I found just get outright deleted. By my antivirus before I could even try to run the \exe installation file.

Or, create a system just for this kind of thing. Maybe dual-boot into a separate operating system. That can do what’s called “penetration testing” a form of offensive access security. Where you examine a network for any & all possible paths of the breach. Kali Linux is a Linux distribution built for just that ambition. You can run Kali Linux off a CD or USB key without even installing it to the hard drive. Another option is BackTrack Linux they’re actually both from the same builders, but Kali is the “polished” version. Both are free and come with all the tools you’d need to crack a network.

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy):

If you don’t want to install an OS, then you could try the 2 tried & true tools of Wi-Fi hackers. Aircrack has been around for many years, going past to when Wi-Fi security was only based on WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). (How to hack any Wi-Fi password rapidly?) WEP was sickly even back in the day & was supplanted in 2004 by WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). The latest Aircrack-ng 1.2 labeled as a “set of tools for analyzing wireless networks”. So it should be part of any network admin’s toolkit will take on cracking WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) & WPA-PSK keys.

Aircrack-ng comes with full documentation. But it’s not going to be that simple. To crack a network you also need to have the right kind of Wi-Fi adapter. In your system, one that supports packet injection. You want to get comfortable with the command line (running things using CMD). Your Wi-Fi adapter and Aircrack have to gather a lot of data. To get anywhere close to decrypting the password key on the network you’re the focus. Maybe it could take a while.

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