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How to download your Google data with a Takeout tool

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This is an interesting article Google users. About, “How to download your Google data with a Takeout tool“. It is very simple. Google collects a lot of personal data about you & uses it to target search results & ads. In few cases, Google data makes cool & useful personalization features possible. In other cases, it’s primarily for Google’s own monetization strategies. Though Google does not directly sell your data to any 3rd parties. “How to download your Google data with a Takeout tool”. It is very very easy.

Plenty of people feel that’s a fair trade-off for a fair product. But others are keen to opt out of this data collection. Delete all the personal data Google has collected. “How to download your Google data with a Takeout tool”. I even pushback Google from my life for a while, partly because of this deal. But whether you’ve decided to drop Google entirely & delete your Google data. You just wish to make sure you’re keeping good personal records, downloading that data is always an option. Here’s we are describing, how to do it:

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How to download your Google data with a Takeout tool:

Go to https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout in your web browser. Here you’ll find all the tools Google has provided for exactly this purpose. You’ll be presented with a list of Google services. That involves a collection of data or storing of your creations, ranging. From Calendar events to Hangouts chat logs to your Blogger posts. Search & Location data also. Generally, the lightning rods of privacy concerns are among the apps listed.

Check off all the applications & products from which you want to download data. You can also click the button that toggles between Select none & Selects all in the top-right corner. (How to download your Google data with a Takeout tool). Once you’re satisfied with your selection, click Next at the bottom. Now the final step is to choose how you’d like to download your data. Clearly, file type, archive size, and delivery method.

You can choose the archive format for the downloaded file. Note that the file may be huge, so a compressed version could be easier to manage.

How to use Google Takeout:

The most users will want to stick with the default .zip format for the file type. This is an archive file standard that most operating systems can work with. Think of it as a closed folder that you can unpack at any time to access the files inside. Archive size gives you some options to make sure you can download it comfortably on your internet connection. Breaking it up into minor files is easier for slow internet connections. The default of 2GB will work for max people, but feel free to customize.

Finally, Google can send you a download link via email. Or add the files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive account. If you operate one or more of these cloud storage services, pick your beloved. Otherwise, just ask for the download link so you can download the files to your physical hard drive.

Google Takeout Download:

Click Create archive. Building the archive can take quite a while, but Google will send you an email when it’s accessible. If you want to view the files, just extract the .zip file on your computer and browse freely. Just keep in mind you’ll need applications that support each kind of file to view them. If you downloaded some Google Sheets files. You’ll need another spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel to open them.

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