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How To Create New Facebook Page Easily

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Facebook is a common App having many features in it. There are billions of Facebook users around the world. Everyone does not know its full features. Many people use their Facebook only for connectivity purpose. But many are using it to highlight herself or Promote their Bussines using a Facebook Page. If you are a Celebrity or an Author you can get benefits from a Facebook Page. This article is about “How To Create New Facebook Page Easily“.

In the opinion of some people, the Pages or Fan Pages are one of the best ways to promote your book or business. They are known as Public Timelines. Fan pages are flexible than Facebook groups and won’t temper your profile with strangers. Here is How To Create New Facebook Page Easily. My recommendation: Use Facebook to connect with friends and use pages to connect with unknown persons.

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How To Create New Facebook Page Easily

How To Create New Facebook Page Easily:

Here be careful, First of all, You need to ask yourself if you want more friends or fans on Facebook. We will also tell you about Some Reasons that a Facebook Page is much Better than a Facebook Group. First of all, you need an account on Facebook App. Now Go to Your left down the corner of your facebook homepage. Here you will see some option of Create Ad, Page, Group, etc. Here click on Page to start the process of creating a Facebook Page. You will make sure that you have chosen perfect category related to your requirements.

Create a Name for your Page and give details of Page. Pages also can have a specific username. You can’t get Facebook.com/Business with a group but you can with a page. After creating your Page Send a message of invitation to your friends to like your page. Update a status with each update, Facebook puts more & more attention on status updates. On the other hand, Groups can’t have a status. It’s easy to share and easy to use it. A Page can handle lots of people better than any group.

How To Create New Facebook Page Easily (Customize your Page):

Once you have to Create your page. Now you need to add a cover photo, description, and personality. Make sure the images are the correct dimension & having high quality. The “about page” or description is very important to complete your Page. Make sure it is short and you include a link back to your author website if you are creating a Book Page.

Facebook should not be your main strategy. It should mark people back to your main website. Your page needs personality. Don’t let it become just another bland page on the internet. On the Author Media Facebook page, we are always asking, suggesting articles, questions, or putting up encouraging quotes. After Finishing your setup you can publish your data on your new Page. So go Ahead and enjoy.

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