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How to backup your PC’s Steam games

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This article is helpful for game lovers. About “How to backup your PC’s Steam games“. It is so simple. It’s so simple to keep a local backup then download your Steam games again. Especially for the 50GB monsters users. A common wisdom for PC backups is you require 3 copies of your all files. The main active copy on your Hard Disk Drive. A remote backup & local backup when it comes to the games. The rules are not different. But if you’re a Steam (Steam games) user, then Valve takes care of the remote backup portion. “How to backup your PC’s Steam games“. Since you can re-download purchased games from Steam. But it pays to make a formal local backup of your game files.

Especially since game downloads can be utterly massive. To be clear, it is about backing up your actual game, not your game progress. If you need to make sure Geralt of Rivia doesn’t have to start over at White Orchard. (So many Steam games will automatically backup your saves using Valve’s Steam Cloud service. But not all of them).

How to backup your PC’s Steam games:

Now let’s go down to the business of backing up for your game files. Firstly launch Steam from the Start menu & then select Library.  To the backup, your games from your local Steam library. Now Press Right-click any one of the games downloaded in your machine. From the context menu which will arrive. Now select Backup Game Files…

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Steam Backup file size:

A little window will appear, listing all the games downloaded in your machine. Check the box next to the titles that you want to backup. But as you select games, the disk space needed will show at the bottom of the window.

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If you’re ready to start backing up, click on Next. The following screen displays where the games will be backed up. By default, the location is usually.C:/programs files (x86)\steam\Backups. If you want to change please click on Browse…  Now select the folder you want or create a new one. Click on Next again. Now you’ll be asked to name your backup files. The system will generate a new name automatically for the games you want a backup. Beneath that are two storage compression sizes. You can either store your files as though you were stashing them on a Compact Disc or DVD. Now choose the version you want and then click on Next.

Backup steam game saves:

If you plan on backing up all of your games. Valve recommends adapting the method described. In the Moving a Steam Installation & Games support document. Now your backup will start. Don’t worry about the fact that Steam is smooshing all your games together in one big backup. Steam will sort all that away for you when you restore them by opening the desktop program. Go to Steam > Backup and Restore games. Valve also has a brief support document online for reference about using Steam’s backups character.

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