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Apple iPhone 9 (6.4-inch display)

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Apple iPhone 9 (6.4-inch display):

Apple iPhone 9 (6.4-inch display). After reading this Report Apple iPhone 9 (6.4-inch display) you will forget the Apple iPhone 8. It looks like Apple iPhone 9 will have a bigger 6.4-inch display version as well. Apple iPhone 8 might not have launched yet. Reports around what the Apple iPhone 9’s display size are starting to crawl down. Now according to a new report in Korean media by The Investor. Which quotes a report in The Bell, Samsung will be the supplier for the OLED panels in the iPhone 9. And it attentions like the size will be bumped much.

“Apple iPhone 9 (6.4-inch display)”. According to the report in The Investor, Apple has placed an order of 180 million OLED units. Which is nearly more than double of the 80 million panels ordered for the iPhone 8. The article adds the iPhone 9 will have two screen sizes, which is 5.28-inch and and 6.46-inches. So yes, it attentions like the iPhone 9 will sports a much huge display compared. To the current 4.7-inch & 5.5-inch versions.

Arrival in Market:

The Korean report quotes an industry source. Which says that Apple and Samsung have signed an NDA agreeing on the general conditions as well as screen size. While the Apple iPhone 9 is still some time away, rumours around the iPhone 8 have been going active. Apple is expected to introduce (3) variants of the iPhone in September this year. One will be the iPhone 8, which will point as a special edition version. To mark ten years of the device. The other two variants will known as iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus.

While iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch OLED display. Apple will likely to introduce a display with reduced bezels on the fore and side. And this will ensure that the size of this iPhone won’t be actually go up. Apple is expect to introduce an all glass body for the iPhone 8, getting clear of the aluminium chassis.

Reports have pegged the price of the upcoming iPhone as $870. While others claim it will go as high as $1000. Apple iPhone 8 will bung in the month of September.

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