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How To Add An Extension To Google Chrome Easily

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In this article, you will know about, “How To Add An Extension To Google Chrome Easily“. Google now lets you add Chrome extensions to your PC remotely from any smartphone. Sometimes it’s stunning how handy Google makes it use its software it really, really is. If you have a smartphone you can now remotely install Google Chrome extensions to your desktop PC. This is related to the way you can remotely install Android apps. To your phone from your PC (just in reverse).

Even better, this method works on any smartphone. I tested it on an Android phone, an iPhone and a Windows 10 Mobile phone. “How To Add An Extension To Google Chrome Easily“. In each case. It worked exactly the same way. Let’s say you receive a link to an extension in the Chrome Web Store. On your mobile by reading a news article or blog post, an email, instant message, Facebook, etc.

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How To Add An Extension To Google Chrome Easily

How To Add An Extension To Google Chrome Easily:

If you tap that link to the Chrome Web Store. Since you’re signed in to your Google account on your smartphone’s browser. You’ll detect a button that says Add to Desktop. Now hit the button & a pop-up window appears with a second Add to Desktop button. The window also tells you that the extension will be installed on any PC where you’re signed in to Chrome.

Chrome Extensions Android

Tap the second button and within a few seconds. The new extension will be installed on your PC or PCs. If that’s the matter. If you already have the extension installed the button will say Added to Desktop when you look at your PC. (How To Add An Extension To Google Chrome Easily). You’ll know an extension. Because the “hamburger” menu icon on Chrome for Windows will start. To turn orange rather of the usual black. This is similar to when you receive an alert. That an extension was needs new permissions.

Chrome Extensions Android:

Click on the hamburger menu icon and the top of the drop-down menu. Will notify you that an extension was installed remotely. As a security measure, however, the extension. To enable it, click the notification at the top of the drop-down menu. Still, wait for a pop-up balloon to show giving you the choice to enable or remove the extension. Presumably, you’ll have to go through this process on every computer. Where you have installed Chrome. That’s it. Your extension is now ready for use.

There is one downside to this new feature. Unfortunately, you cannot browse the Chrome Web Store from your phone and then install any extension you like remotely. Confidently, this will change in the future. But for now, this trick only works if you are browsing. To a specific extension on the Web Store. If you just operate the Chrome Web Store from Chrome for Android. You’ll get a message saying your operating system is not supported. Installing Chrome extensions remotely is not quite. As easy as installing an Android app on your desktop. But it’s cute close.

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