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8 handy things to do with your new Google Assistant

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This is a stimulating article about 8 handy things to do with your new Google Assistant. Voice commands with Google Assistant. Therefore your Marshmallow-or-better automaton phone. Simply got Google Assistant and after you long-press the mouse button. For the primary time later the update. Your digital servant asks you, “Hi, however, am I able to help?”. Say a vast question.

Read on for eight easy ways to get started with Google’s chatty servant. 8 handy things to do with your new Google Assistant. From telling it what to call you. To forming a shopping list, to turning on Bluetooth & even playing Solitaire.

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8 handy things to do with your new Google Assistant:

”Open the Kindle app,” “make a date for noon today”. “Recall Maine to shop for milk,” & “play some jazz”. All intimate humanoid voice commands from means back, & most of them can work simply cool with Google Assistant. If you’re undecided wherever to begin out with Google Assistant. Attempt a well-recognized google voice command something. From “create a calendar event” to “set a timer”.

Just tap and hold the Home button. Wait for Google Assistant to pop up and then say something.

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Google Assistant for iOS:

Siri, Apple’s digital assistant for iPhones and iPads, falls silent without a data connection. Not so with Google Assistant, that can stably perform the quantity of tasks. Even when you’re out of Wi-Fi & cellular range.

Not even airplane mode can calm your new Google Assistant. Assumed, being offline pains Google Assistant’s style. Somewhat, for example, it won’t capable. To tell you the peak of Mount Everest which local brunch spots are worth a tour. That said, Assistant can still do things like set time, set alarms, play locally saved sounds. On the Google Play Music app, & even navigate routes within an offline space in Google Maps.

Google assistant Android, Scan the screen:

Even though Google Assistant replaces Google Screen Search (aka Google on Tap). Similar to what you used to do with Screen Search, tap & hold the Home button then strain up on the Google Assistant window. Once you do, you’ll see search results common. On whatever’s on the screen, forward with any actions (like making assignments or making restaurant reservations). That your digital servant allows applicable.

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By default, Google Assistant will call you by the first name on your contact list. If you want your digital buddy to call you something more. Just speak some onward the bars of, (Call me Charlie). The Assistant will ask for an acceptance before accepting your new nickname to memory. Google Assistant will call you by any name you wish just ask. Here’s another form to tell Google Assistant how to address you? Open the Assistant, tap the 3 spot button in the top-right corner of the window then tap Settings > Personal info > Nickname.

Ask Assistant to keep quiet:

Your Google Assistant shouts loudly while it’s doing your bidding, excellent while you’re driving a vehicle. But not ideal if you’re trying to keep silence. Once you dial on the right setting.If you like. It’s not in hands-free mode.

Turn on your Bluetooth or other settings via Assistant:

It can take indictment of many of Android’s Quick Settings. From airplane mode & Wi-Fi to Bluetooth & your phone’s flashlight. 8 handy things to do with your new Google Assistant. It can also knob on your phone’s flashlight, switch your Wi-Fi & airplane mode settings, and even mute your phone.

Add items to your shopping list:

Wish to go shopping? Your Google Assistant can help you. To review which Keep shopping list is tied to it, open the Assistant. Tap the 3 spot button in the top-right corner of the window. Now tap Settings > Shopping list.


You’ll never be without a tic-tac-toe opponent with it around. Just say, “Play tic-tac-toe” to get started with some X’s and O’s, or “Play Solitaire” for a single card game. If you wish a pick-me-up, just say “random fun”. 8 handy things to do with your new Google Assistant.  It will amazement you with an artistic quote, a cat video, or something else to make you smile.

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