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10 Games That Teach Kids & Develop their Skills

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10 Games That Teach Kids & Develop their Skills:

This article is about “10 Games That Teach Kids & Develop their Skills”. In this world 36 million kids have taken part. In Hour of code activities. By helping them to develop their skill. In technology use and that might help. To get a job one day. Most of your kids wont be interesting in coding. But these games can improve problem-solving. And thinking abilities which is important for your kids.

Most of these apps are available in multiple platforms like iOS, Mac, Android, PC. Few games are free and few cost. It depends which one. You gonna choose. 10 Games That Teach Kids & Develop their Skills.

10 Games That Teach Kids & Develop their Skills, Continue:

Coding is a big deal right now. If your kids don’t go on to the code for living. An essential understanding of programming concepts improves problem-solving. And thinking skills which are both transferable and empowering. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates says that: “Learning to write programs stretches your mind and helps you think better. Creates a way of thinking about things. That I think is essential in all domains“.

Platforms like Scratch and Alice let children (and adults) create their own games. And animations using simplified coding methods. But not all kids can or want to jump straight into these sort of environments. For them, there are plenty of games around. That will teach the basics of programming in a fun and accessible way.

10 Games That Teach Kids & Develop their Skills,(Free or Demo):

Lightbot and Lightbot Jr:

Age: 4-8 (Lightbot.Jr), 9+ (Lightbot)

Android: Light Bot
iOS: Light Bot
Web Browser: Lightbot.com
Pricing: Free (Browser), $3(iOS/Android)


Age: 5-8
iOS: Kodable
Web Browser: Kodable.com
Pricing: Free( $7 for Pro version)


Age: 6+
Android: Robozzle
iOS: Robozzle

Windows: Robozzle
Web Browser: Robozzle.com
Pricing: Free (1$ for Windows)


Age: 5+
iOS: Cargo-Bot
Pricing: Free


Age: 10+
Android: SpaceChem Mobile
Steam: SpaceChem
iOS: SpaceChem Mobile
Web Browser: zachtronics.com/spacechem/
Pricing: Free demo , ($10 for steam, $3 for iOS/Android)

Code Combat:

Age: 13+
Web Browser: codecombat.com
Pricing: Free


Age: 8-14
Web Browser: machineers.com
Pricing: Free demo


Age: 4-7
iOS : Bee-Bot
Pricing : Free

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10 Games That Teach Kids & Develop their Skills (Paid):

Code Monkey Island:

Age: 8+
Web Browser: codemonkeyplanet.com
Kickstarter: Code Monkey Island

Robot Turtles:


Web Browser: thinkfun.com/robotturtles/
Pricing: $25

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